About us

Barker Cypress Pharmacy and Home Care Equipment is a family owned pharmacy that has proudly served the Greater Houston area since 2011. At the beginning, we operated a drugstore that fills prescriptions, offers medical supplies and pharmacist consultations for our patients. Over the years, we have continued to advance ourselves in bringing more innovative ways to serve the needs of our customers. You will always be treated as part of our family at Barker Cypress Pharmacy.

In today’s health care climate, the role pharmacists play in patient care continues to expand. The relationship with your pharmacist can often times be just as important as your physicians. This special bond is something you just can’t expect to attain from the big-box drugstores like CVS, Walgreen’s, Costco, and Wal-Mart. And it’s certainly non-existent at the mail order pharmacies.

When compared to those alternatives, I guarantee your pharmacy experience here at Barker Cypress Pharmacy will be more personal, refreshing, and enjoyable than what you would find anywhere else. Fortunately, you can find us two convenient Houston locations:
810 S HWY 6, STE 115
Houston, TX 77079
705 S FRY STE 105
KATY, TX 77450

We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of customized solutions for HCS, TXHML, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes. At Barker Cypress Pharmacy you will find that all medications will be individually blister packed and properly labeled for you. We offer you daily free delivery service, as well as, strong professional ties with your doctors and staff. In addition, we are happy to offer monthly facility visits to audit medications and assist in staff training to keep your facility in compliance. Our ultimate goal is meeting the unique medication needs for you as a provider and your clients.
Please take a few moments to visit our website to learn about all the exciting programs and services we have to offer our patients! Rx2Go is a convenient new application for your mobile device. Request refills on the go by using the Rx2Go app, available through Google Play or App Store. We would like to invite you as a provider, patient, customer, and friend to become part of the Barker Cypress Pharmacy Family. We look forward to keeping you and your family healthy for years to come.